Crew Stories

Camera & Lighting department

TDW-17Only four lamps were used shooting ‘These Dirty Words”, 2x 1200hmi, 1x 800watt redhead and 1x divalight. Furthermore, everything was shot using a 35mm Samyang f1.5 lens on a “ED” Red Epic Dragon mark II. We also used a startrack dolly on air tires and a Dana dolly slider. “These Dirty Words” was shot in R3D 6K RAW and Apple Prores HQ 1080p simultaneously. 


Editorial department

TDW-14We worked with three people on the post-production on location. One editor, one colorist/sound mixer and one VFX Artist/titeldesigner. We worked on everything during the shooting of the film to get everything finished as soon as possible. For three heads there were no less than 7 screens used to keep an eye on everything. The data footprint of the alle raw footage combined is 369,15 GB spread over 8 scenes. At the time of writing the data footprint of the entire project is 457,79 GB. We used the following programs: Adobe Premiere, Davinci Resolve, Adobe After Effects, Cinema 4D, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Audition.